Shawridge Farms is a satelitle receiving facility for London Agricultural Commodities, Inc. Phone 1-800-265-1885

During harvest season we offer a fast and efficient service to all our customers.  Currently we have three unloading areas to service all vehicles from big transports to gravity boxes, your wait time will be minimal.  Our elevator staff performs all moisture tests and grading on site, it is a quick call to London to calculate exact tonnage.  We provide as much information to you or your driver as possible. We strive to make your deliveries quick and have you back to the fields to bring the next load. 

We continue to offer truck placement to speed up your harvest.  With increased traffic and shortened windows to harvest, we can place a truck/trailer in your yard to unload into.  Save road time and stay safe, we will pick up the truck when full and deliver to the elevator to keep you where you want to be in the field.