About Us

Shawn is the oldest of 3 boys raised on a hog/cash crop farm near Drayton Ontario. Bridget the youngest of 6 children raised on a Dairy Farm south of Harriston Ontario. Both of us are dedicated and interested in a farming future.  We married in 2000 and settled in Arthur Ontario. With a growing cash crop operation and a growing family it was soon time to take the next step.

With our first son 1 year old in 2003 construction began. Our initial decision to build was to accommodate our own crops, but with the buzz of construction, our neighbors soon showed interest in delivery. Once construction was complete we partnered with Palmerston Grain at that time. Since then, we have begun a new partnership with London Agricultural Commodities.

We were blessed to have such loyal neighbors, the bins began to multiply as did our kids!

With 3 more children finishing up in 2008 our family was complete and showing intense excitement to farm! 

We are equipped to handle all your commodity needs as fast and as efficient as possible. Surprisingly enough we are very fortunate after 19 years in the grain elevator business to still be drawing new customers to our location. We draw customers from as far as Dundalk ON, across to Orangeville ON and down to Drayton ON.

Our Valuable Staff Include:
Elevator Operations Manager: Darcy Weber
Elevator Office Manager: Kathleen Woods
Grading and Yard Personnel: Trevor Diefenbacher